VIM: Press ENTER or type command to continue

After searching much longer than reasonable for such a stupid thing, my solution for dealing with the less than ideal vim behavior of prompting me like a slobbering dog to press enter or type a command to continue is:

:ab maker make<CR>

The <CR> should be typed exactly like that.  Now I can use :maker to make, and while the shell out window is less than ideal, it flicks by quickly enough as to only be an issue for epileptics.  Also, unlike with a redirect to /dev/null, output properly ends up in the quickfix (:copen) window.

All this does is manually hit <enter> for me after a compile.

Vim really needs an option to set which states, "I don't care about information in the output buffer; don't bug me with it."

Here is another (in my opinion less clean) solution:


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the suggestions here?


.greyproc said...

Yes - which is why I linked it to my post.